Message from the Chairman - Return to the skies! - 20 May 2020

The Conservators have now given us their decision, so we are glad to inform you that you can now resume flying on the Downs.

  1. Flying must be fully in line with the BMFA guidance put out last week, please read it, here and here.  
  2. The guidance states that whilst a return to model flying is now possible it cannot be considered to be business as usual.  
  3. A trip to the flying site to socialise with more than one person who is not a member of your household is not permitted under the current government advice. 
  4. Strict social distancing should be maintained preferably greater than 2 metres, tools and equipment should not be shared with people who are not members of your household.
  5. This also applies to students learning to fly with a buddy box using their own transmitter. 
  6. A hand sanitizer should be considered an essential piece of equipment in your flight box.
  7. We will be very much in the public eye and so we should strive to be seen to be following the government guidelines.

                                 TURN UP, FLY, GO HOME


Please note that the access road and 'top' car park on the Downs are still closed.  Currently we have to park in the other car parks, so there is a long trek to the flying site.


John Davis
20 May 2020




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